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-- Walter Zapp

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The Minox Encyclopedia is an attempt to catalog and reference as much relevant information as possible. The intent is to have a well referenced, broad based resource about anything that may have anything to do with Minox in general. This can include definitions of terms, biographies of individuals, detailed information on some of the more esoteric subjects, and anything else that either does not fit well into the regular pages, or may benefit from referencing a central source.

If you have information you would like to add to the database, please submit your proposal with any relevant drawings, images or graphics that may be necessary. If sources were used please include those as well. Our editors will go over the submissions and the document may then be added to the database.

We also recognize that new information comes to light, or mistakes can be made. If you find any factual errors or necessary modifications again, please submit them to our editors for review at encyclopedia@minox.org.



April 20, 2001

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