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Minox Guide - First Edition
First Edition -
November 1957

Minox Guide -
How to Get the Most out of Minox

Emanuel, W. D.

Published by Amphoto/Focal Press

Library of Congress Catalog Number:

5 x 7 3/4"
80, 96 Pages

Minox Guide - New Enlarged Edition 4th Printing
"New Enlarged Edition"
- 2nd Edition - Nov 1958
- 3rd Printing - Dec 1960
- 4th Printing - Dec 1961

One of the famous Amphoto-Focal guide books, the Minox Guide is an easy to read manual for the Minox system. Treating the accessories and companion pieces, such as the enlarger and the projector, with the same furvor as the camera, this is a great quick reference for most users.

Beginners will appreciate the simplicity and well done illustrations. Experts will be impressed with the detail and broad coverage of the topic.

First editions are qute rare, and thus, generally more expensive. Collectors covet these additions to their collections.

Those wishing for a true reference book should look for the later "enlarged" editions. These include information on the Minox B, are more readily available, and are less expensive.



April 20, 2001

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