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Written entirely in German, this is the life story of Heinz Waaske. The book covers his career as he works for Edixa, Rollei, Voigtländer, Robot, Zeiss, and of course Minox.

While chronicling his career, it also gives insights into the history of the German camera industry from the 50's to the 80's, and many of the important developments at Minox.

With photos and descriptions of many prototypes, even if you don't read German this is a very notable book.

Kameras Für Millionen:
Heinz Waaske, Konstruteur

Eikmann, Joerg &
Vogt, Ulrich

Whittig Fachbuchvelag, Hückelhoven 1997

ISBN: 3-930359-56-1  

6-1/8 x 8-1/2"
298+ pages
B&W with 16 color sections.



April 20, 2001

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