"The Minox is my life."

-- Walter Zapp

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September 2003

MHS would like to announce some shifts in positions on the Executive Committee. John Watson, founding member and Vice President Emeritus, has handed over some of his former responsibilities to Larry Feldman. Larry now is the new Vice President of the Minox Historical Society.

Larry formerly was on the Executive Committee as Technology Manager, and he retains those duties as well.

John will remain on the Executive Committee as a member, and will continue to be the artist working his magic on the Minox Memo -- the official organ of MHS.

Congratulations to both. We especially owe John gratitude for extensive, detailed work he performed during MHS' birth and first two years of its life. The Minox Historical Society would not be what it is today without John's able assistance.

The current slate of officers can be viewed on MHS' website here:


Pete Zimmerman
President MHS

January 2003

We have recently discovered that a number of MHS Members have inactive email addresses on file. If you have recently changed your email address, please let us know. By doing so, we will be able to keep in touch with you, keeping you advised of the latest Society activities. Most recently, we announced the release of the newest Minox Memo, which contained information about a very special "Welcome Package", information you won't want to miss.

If you think we have an old address, why not drop a note to the Society Secretary - Michael Bower today (michaelb@minox.org).

November 30, 2002


As you read this, Minox, GmbH is already shipping the first of the special
edition MHS EC camera sets revealed in our last edition of the Memo, and several members have already received theirs. If the initial reactions are any indication, these special sets are a winner!

The quality is high, and the uniqueness of the complete package virtually
guarantees a highly desirable collectable in future years. This set represents a second chance for those of us who missed an opportunity to own one of these classics before they were discontinued in 1995. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the people at Minox who worked hard to get these sets put together and shipped out as fast as they have, and who very generously handled all the details of billing, shipping and order processing for us.

September 2002

The latest edition of the Minox Memo is now available. Go to the download page and get your copy of The Minox Memo Series 2, Volume 1, Number 4!

March 18, 2002

The latest edition of the Minox Memo is now available! Go to the download page and get your copy today!

In it is the announcement of the first ever Minox club commemorative camera in honor of the Minox Historical Society. Look here for more details as they become available!

The new limited editon mug and T-shirt are available! The mug has the Minox C, while the T-shirt has an early American Riga advertising brochure. Take a look and see them!

Go HERE to order. Five dollars from each order goes to help the efforts of the Minox Historical Society.

April 20, 2001


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