"The Minox is my life."

-- Walter Zapp

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The Minox Historical Society, is an organization dedicated to the world famous Minox series of camera's and equipment. It is our goal to become a centralized resource for collectors, users, and the general public alike.

The vision of Walter Zapp, the inventor of the Minox camera, is carried on to this very day. From the original Riga, to the modern Windwatch, the standard of Minox utility, precision, and creativity, has created truly unique items that will forever be cherished.

If you have not had the Minox experience, be forewarned, it is rare that a company's products have captured the imagination in the way the Minox lines have. Once you have owned a genuine Minox, you are forever changed.

We encourage you to participate in this monumental effort. A society by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts that is dedicated to preserving the tradition of all things Minox.

-- Larry Feldman / Vice President

To join the Minox Historical Society, visit the sign-up page.

How did we get started? The history of the MHS is here.

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Our international members are not left out. All items can be bought from and shipped to most overseas addresses! See the site for details.



April 20, 2001


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