"The Minox is my life."

-- Walter Zapp

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This is the original charter as voted on by the organizing committee on April 20, 2001. Many aspects are either destined to change, or are currently dormant. As this is modified by the Executive Committee notice will be posted on the News page, and e-mailed to all registered members.

1. PURPOSE: (top)

The Minox Historical Society is a mutual gathering of enthusiasts of the Minox company and its products. The purpose of the society is the preservation of the history of Walter Zapp, the inventor of the Minox camera and Minox, GmbH and its products. The prime misson of the society is the active promotion of the future of the company and its products to the widest possible spectrum of the population at large. The Minox Historical Society (hereafter referred to as the MHS) is a non-profit, non-commercial enterprise of the enthusiasts who gather in this forum as members.


2. SCOPE: (top)

The activities of the MHS are international in nature; although based in the United States, the MHS seeks contact with, and accepts memberships from Minox enthusiasts worldwide.



The headquarters of the MHS are located in the private residence of the Secretary-Treasurer, and will be published for the membership when the position is filled.

Officers of the MHS are elected annually by popular majority; a quorum will be constituted of a minimum of 20% of the total membership. Popular majority in voting will be considered a minimum of 51% of the duly constituted quorum. The officers form an Executive Committee consisting of:

  • A President, who will provide leadership and direction in the accomplishment of the stated goals of the society. The term of office for the President will be for a period of 2 years. The President may be re-elected once so that no President will serve a consecutive term exceeding 4 years. The President will appoint a Nominating Committee whose purpose will be to submit to the membership for approval by vote the names individuals to fill the positions of Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Committee members. The President will be authorized to appoint those additional committees that the Executive Committee deems appropriate.

  • A Vice President to act in the capacity of President in the absence of the President. The Vice President will act in concert with and as part of the Executive Committee for the accomplishment of the stated goals of the society. The term of office for the Vice President will be 1 year. The Vice President may be re-elected once, so that no Vice President will serve a consecutive term exceeding 2 years.

  • A Secretary-Treasurer, who will collect, account for and disburse as needed those funds necessary to the normal operation of the society and the accomplishment of its goals. In addition, the Secretary-Treasurer will collect, organize and manage those data and administrative tasks necessary to the normal operation of the society, to include, but not necessarily limited to, contact rosters, membership rosters, task assignments, and periodic reports to the membership. The term of office for the Secretary-Treasurer will be 3 years. The Secretary-Treasurer may be re-elected once so that no Secretary-Treasurer will serve a consecutive term exceeding 6 years.

  • Two Executive Committee Members, elected from the membership at large, will complete the Executive Committee, working in concert with the President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer to provide balanced representation of the membership, coordination of the various society activities and other duties as necessary. The term of office for the Executive Committee Member is 2 years, staggered. Executive Committee Members may be re-elected once, so that no Executive Committee Member will serve a consecutive term exceeding 4 years. The first Executive Committee Member elected will serve an initial term of 3 years so that succeeding elections will ensure that a new Executive Committee Member will be elected each year.

The Executive Committee will have the authority to propose, submit for vote and to amend the charter as appropriate to meet the needs of the society. The Executive Committee will authorize and oversee the production of a document detailing the procedural administration of society business.

The Executive Committee will appoint the following individuals:

  • An Editor in Chief, a qualified individual who will establish and maintain editorial standards in the production and publication of communications from the society, articles, newsletters, web based displays, etc. The Editor in Chief may establish, with the approval of the Executive Committee, an editorial board to assist him/her in their duties.

  • A Technical Manager, a qualified individual who will provide guidance on technical issues affecting the accomplishment of the society's goals in areas ranging from Internet Web based publication and setup, archiving of historical and other data, Internet communications to the membership, and unique guidance related to specific membership projects.


4. MEETINGS: (top)

It is the goal of the MHS to be able to arrange and provide for at least one membership meeting at a fixed location annually for the purpose of elections, society business, special projects and fellowship when possible and practical based on the ability of the membership to select an agreed upon time and location. It is a primary goal of the membership to sponsor and/or arrange as circumstances allow, public events, forums, displays, etc., with the express purpose of attracting the attention of the public at large to the joys of Minox photography, i.e., the shared enthusiasm for all things Minox. Through these events, it is the goal of the society to further public awareness of Minox, its products, and its future, attracting as many new members into the community of enthusiasts as possible.

The normal medium of communications between the membership is Internet based, specifically electronic mail and web page announcements. If circumstances do not allow for a meeting at a fixed location, the normal administrative business of the society, i.e., elections, project coordination, etc., can be conducted by this means.


5. MEMBERSHIP: (top)

Membership in the MHS is open to all persons, regardless of race, sex, nationality, creed, age or religion who share the enthusiasm for Minox photography. Membership in good standing is achieved by prompt payment of the annual membership fee, as set by vote of the Executive Committee. Members not in good standing as determined by lack of payment of membership dues will be removed from the rolls of the society as determined by review and agreement of the Executive Committee.




The objectives and goals of the society, as agreed by the membership, include, but are not limited to, the following:

The preservation of the history of Walter Zapp, Minox and its products. To this end various archiving projects designed to provide durable storage in a common electronic media format of such printed material as is currently available will be undertaken on a volunteer basis in order to make available for future generations of researchers and/or enthusiasts as much material as is practical. To the extent practical, the material will be made available free of fees; where required to offset the expense of production in certain instances, minor fees covering the cost of materials and postage will be assessed.

The primary objective of the MHS is the active promotion of Minox photography, enthusiasm for the company and its products, and their future, to the widest segment of the population possible. To that end, a variety of special and general interest projects including, but not limited to, seminars, gallery exhibitions, product demonstrations, classes, social gatherings and event sponsorships may be undertaken by agreement of the membership. Non-profit promotion of the company, its products, or other commercial organizations who directly support the Minox community via sales of Minox products or related services is permitted. Active association with like minded organizations with the common goal of promoting Minox photography is encouraged. Publication of a periodic Minox oriented newsletter or journal to the membership, as well as a publicly accessible Internet Web site devoted to the society and its activities is a specific means of promotion that will be pursued. The society will engage in other objectives, goals or projects as proposed and accepted by the membership.



Adopted by the founding members this 20th Day of April, 2001:

Peter Zimmerman
Minox Historical Society

As attested to and witnessed by the founding members:

Mark C. Brown
Jack DeLisle
Godfrey DiGiorgi
Larry Feldman
Martin Doctor
Mark Forster
James Jones
Don Kreihbel
Robert Parks
Charles Trentelman
Steve Uhrig
John Watson
D. Scott Young


April 20, 2001


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