"The Minox is my life."

-- Walter Zapp

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The Minox Historical Society began with much more humble intentions.

In December of 2000, a discussion about access to manuals for vintage Minox cameras began to stir a group of enthusiasts participating in the Submini Round Table discussion group. As the discussion progressed it was decided to start a small group and take the discussion "off list" so as to not clutter up the other, more general discussions.

After several methods of communication were attempted, an E-group mailing list was set up under the name "Minox Manual Project". From here discussions began about the best way to make the manuals accessible. Online seemed to be a natural, and formats and layout began to take shape.

In an attempt to clear the copyrights, Minox GmbH was contacted for permission to scan and post the manuals. As a response was awaited work continued.

After a period of time word returned from Minox. This was apparently not an original idea as they were already in the process of doing the same thing. To repeat their efforts made no sense, and the members of the MMP began to look at other projects.

It was at this time that the concept of the Minox Historical Society began to take shape. With the original 14 members, a charter was drawn up, web space secured, logos created, and permissions received to begin this project.

By April 20, 2001 the first election was held electing Peter Zimmerman President, and ratifying the charter as it then stood. Work began on the webpage, and concepts began to form for articles and content. By the first part of June the nominating committee was assembling to flesh out the officers and place the organization on a firm footing.

As the concepts for a publication for the group developed, Don Thayer of Minox Processing Laboratories granted permission to use the name "Minox Memo". This name was used for several decades for the main American publication published by Mr. Thayer's father, Don Sr. By November the first edition was published in electronic form and made available for free as the original was.

The Minox Historical Society continues to grow and evolve, creating a home to centrally locate every piece of Minox information imaginable.

April 20, 2001


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