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“Get That Minox out of the Drawer; It’s a Camera, not a Dust Collector” Photography Contest

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The Executive Committee announces the start of the MHS Photography Contest.

Two collectable Minox Historical Society special edition EC camera kits will be awarded in each of two categories: color, and black & white photography.

Two lucky winners will receive the MHS Special Edition EC camera kit, the first special edition Minox ever made for a Minox enthusiasts group, consisting of the boxed EC camera with the MHS logo on it, a wooden display case with the MHS logo laser engraved on the lid, a heavy duty cordura belt case, a copy of the VHS video “The Minox is My Life” as told by inventor Walter Zapp himself, and a very classy, reversible display mat.

You’ll never get a better incentive in this life for getting out there with your Minox and enjoying it! Subject matter is entirely up to you: snippets of your life, activities or special interest places in your community, “theme shots”, politics, history…virtually anything that catches your interest. Share it with the Minox community via the MHS, let others see what you find interesting, and perhaps end up with a truly unique prize for the fun you had in taking the photos. Even if you use commercially purchased and commercially processed film from Minox or MPL, we’ve allowed plenty of time for you to get it sent out and returned to you in time to meet the contest deadline…there’s simply no reason left not to participate.

Contest rules:

1) Photographs must have been taken with a camera using 8 x 11 film, regardless of camera brand or model. The contest is open to both members and non-members of the MHS.

2) Photos may be scanned from slides, negatives or prints. Conventional photographic prints will also be accepted, but slides will not. Scanned, digitized photographs should not exceed 500kb in size, and should be emailed to .....

3) Photographic prints should be no smaller than the standard prints supplied by Minox Processing Laboratory in the U.S. or local Minox specialty laboratories elsewhere, and no larger than 8 x 10” in size. Prints may be mailed to:

  Minox Historical Society, 114 Wood Mill Drive, Cranbury, NJ 08512, USA  

Once received, prints will be scanned and uploaded. Prints and digital images become the property of the MHS, and will not be returned. If sending prints, make certain you send us a copy, not your only print. Copywrite to all prints and digital images are retained by the photographer. Photographer/owner grants the MHS non-exclusive publications rights.

4) The MHS reserves the right to request proof of negative size. "Proof" will be in the form of a contact sheet or whatever method deemed appropriate.

5 )
Each contestant may submit up to five images in each category, black and white and color.

6) Envelopes or emails containing photographs must be postmarked or date stamped no later than 1 July, 2004 in order to be eligible. They should be accompanied by a short description with: your name , email address, what camera was used, what film you used if you can remember, and a line or two letting us know what the photo is about.

7) Members of the Executive Committee and their immediate family members may participate in the contest, but while they are eligible to be listed as the first prize winner in any category, they are ineligible to win the MHS EC Camera sets offered as prizes – if MHS Executive Committee members or their immediate families win first prize in either category, the camera will be presented to the second place runner up in that category.

8) A maximum of 1 camera awarded per entrant.

9) Photographs can be of any subject matter, however, we will not accept photographs containing pornography, or depicting illegal acts, or acts of gratuitous violence. (The MHS judging committee reserves the right to reject any submission deemed inappropriate).

10) Contest entries will be posted to the MHS Website subject to web space availability. One entry from each contestant will be published in the Minox MEMO.

11) Member’s Choice Award: All members are invited to examine the photographs, and to submit their vote for a Member’s Choice Award. Members will be asked to vote for what they consider to be the best photo, regardless of category (i.e., the best photo, regardless of whether it is black and white or color).

Photographs will be posted on line in an electronic forum whose location will be announced shortly.The winners of the Member’s Choice vote, will win a set of the MHS published “Classic Minox Memos” Volume 1 & 2. The Member’s Choice award is a separate judging from the MHS Judging Committee described below, and the Member’s Choice prize is separate from the Judging Committee prizes.


First prize

The MHS EC Kit. One kit will be awarded in each of the main 2 categories (Color & Black & White). A total of 2 kits will be awarded.

Second Prize

A set of the MHS published “Classic Minox Memos” Volume I & II.
One set will be awarded in each of the main 2 categories (Color and Black & White). A total of 2 sets will be awarded.

Third prize

Volume 1 of the "Classic Minox Memos" series. One book will be awarded in each of the main 2 categories (Color & Black & White). A total of 2 books will be awarded.

Member's Choice

The single prize for the Member’s Choice judging is a set of the MHS published “Classic Minox Memos” Volume I & II.

All photographs in the general contest will be judged by a panel consisting of 2 Executive Committee members: President Peter Zimmerman and Secretary D. Scott Young, in addition to three distinguished Minox photographers.

UPDATE: We are happy to announce, that Thorsten Kortemeier of Minox, GmbH, Donald Thayer, Jr. of Minox Processing Laboratories, MHS President Peter Zimmerman, Godfrey DiGiorgi and D. Scott Young of the MHS Executive Committee, will make the final selection for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each category, color and b&w.



April 20, 2001


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