"The camera you never leave behind."

-- Vintage Minox Ad

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  Dear Friends of the Camera You Never Leave Behind,

It has taken Godfrey DiGiorgi and me a very long time to judge the contest entries this year. In part it is because we're busy guys, but mostly it is because you, the members, submitted an enormous number of wonderful pictures. Some of them were fantastic, but of course, Godfrey and I have somewhat different taste in photos. So that meant that we had to spend a lot of time thinking through and discussing by e-mail which pictures were not merely very good, but which were the very best. It's never been so hard before.

In the end, however, we found a set of winners and honorable mentions on which we agreed. Together, we feel they are the best in class (B&W and color) and best portfolios submitted this year. Of course, we recognize that each of you will have different favorites, or will think our choices are great, but that we got the order wrong.

Your opinions are valuable! If somebody steps forward and is willing to commit to the 20 or so hours needed, we'll be happy to add you to the judging committee next year! If enough members volunteer, we'll retire and enter the contest ourselves.

So here are the prize-winning photos in the 2006-07 Minox Historical Society "Get That Minox out of the Drawer; It’s a Camera, not a Dust Collector" contest.

Pete Zimmerman
President, Minox Historical Society



The Winners - 2006-07!

--- Portfolio ---

1st Place - Anthony Kosky
Winner of the
Minox TLX

2nd Place - William Pollack
Winner of the
Classic Memo Library

Honorable Mention - Michael Van Buskirk

--- Color ---

1st Place - Dhaka Family Motorcycle
Robert F.E.Jones

Winner of the Minox DMP3 Media Player

2nd Place - Encounter
Angus McCallum

Winner of the Classic Memo Library

Honorable Mention - Sunny Day Bun Warmers
Lance Borden

--- Black & White ---

1st Place - Vine Hill Road, Sonoma County
Anthony Kosky

Winner of the Classic Memo Library

2nd Place - The Lighthouse Steps
Michael Von Buskirk

Winner of the Minox
BD 10x25 BR

Honorable Mention - In the Line of Fire

Honorable Mention - Kids and the Boat
Jay Rochlin

Honorable Mention - The Great Wall of China
G.E. Yates

--- Members Choice ---

Winner - The Angler
Frank Eulgem
Winner of the MHS Minox EC


The Minox Historical Society would like to thank Minox GmbH and its president, Thorsten Kortemeier, for the generous contribution of a Minox TLX camera, Minox Binoculars and Minox Media Player as prizes in this year's contest.


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April 20, 2001


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